The Multidisciplinary Center for Male & Female Reproduction & Fertility headed
by Dr. Shlomi Barak

The center provides a comprehensive response to issues of female fertility (fertility & IVF), and male fertility (Andrology), specializing in Micro-TESE surgeries.

Unique to the center – fertility screening for both partners simultaneously.

"I believe in personal care, that is tailored to the needs of patients"

Dr. Shlomi Barak

At the Multidisciplinary Center for Male & Female Fertility

We listen to you

We wish to learn, to the extent possible, about the "journey" you have taken so far. It is important for us to provide a proper response to your concerns and needs.

Personal care tailored to your needs

We believe in personal care which will provide you with the best response, based on your medical history and your "biological profile".

You're in control

As our patients, you are an integral part of the decision making process.


We are committed to treating you with full transparency in respect of the treatment you are undergoing. We believe that this approach is midway on the road to a successful treatment.

Science & Innovation

We believe in the kind of treatment which integrates innovation and creativity.

Super-expertise and years of experience

Many years of clinical experience in Israel and Australia.