About the center

Multidisciplinary Center for Male & Female Reproduction & Fertility headed by Dr. Shlomi Barak

The Multidisciplinary Center for Male & Female Reproduction & Fertility is a national center of excellence which provides an integrated response to male and female fertility issues. Parallel treatment of both the female and the male holds great significance in cases which require the treating physician to have a comprehensive and in-depth view of the medical file, such as running the IVF procedure with a background of sperm disorders, performing surgery to produce an IVF-conjugated sperm, and more.

The center places a great deal of emphasis on providing quality, professional and innovative care with compassion and sensitivity. The center has a skilled staff to accompany you throughout the procedure, including a special coordinator who personally accompanies complex cases of male fertility.

We carry out many collaborations with leading medical centers and laboratories in Israel and around the world, in order to provide our patients with the highest chances for success. Heading the center is Dr. Shlomi Barak.  Dr. Barak is the Director of the fertility and IVF unit at the Assuta University Hospital in Ashdod.

Dr. Barak is an expert on obstetrics and gynecology, female fertility and IVF – and holds the highest level of expertise in Andrology, male fertility and micro-surgery. Dr. Barak believes in a personal approach and the innovatively combined creative treatment.

Dr. Barak has managed the Melbourne IVF Fertility Clinic for 9 years, one of the largest and most successful clinics in Australia. Apart from his clinical work, Dr. Barak also engages in clinical and basic research. The clinic is world renowned in the field of female fertility and IVF, male fertility, and providing a second opinion for patients from all over the world in the field of fertility (male and female). Dr. Barak is one of the only gynecologists in the world who specialize in performing the Micro-TESE surgery for the treatment of men suffering from non-obstructive Azoospermia.

Over the past 20 years, Dr. Barak has published dozens of articles in global medical journals, as well as wrote chapters in books dealing with male fertility.